Corporate Donors/Champions 2022

* Thank you for your continued dedication and  support to Edenton Farmers Market!

Back 40 Produce

Colony Tire Corporation

Cotton Gin Inn Cultinary

Dixon and Thompson Law

Garmans Country Deals

High & Crowe, LLP 

Jimbo's Jumbos


Needs 2B Cleaned

Nixon Plumbing

Patchwork Microgreens

Regulator Marine, Inc

SEKING Woodworks

Spruill Business

Sykes & Company, P.A.

The New Housing Authority

Venue on Water Street

Individula Donors/Champions for 2022

**We are grateful for your generosity and your support! 
Thank you for your donation in 2022

Kim and Dick Adams
Harvey Binns
Mary and Peter Boehling
Vero Brentjens
Gil and Barbara Burroughs
Susan and Charles Creighton
Mark and Harriet DeHart
Lee and Laura Duncan
Judith and Joseph Evans
Erica and Chris Ford
Ginny and Donnie Gillis
Sandy Hendee
Colleen and Steve Karl
Betsy and Dan King
Craig and Anna Kay Laughton
Teri and Barry Locke
Cheryl Orr and Randy Naylor
Brandon and Heather Pfahlert
John and Elizabeth Plunkett 
Claire and Tom Shields

Darryl and Sandie Stallings
Marie and Bob Steinburg
Janet and Eric Swenson
Mary and Mike Wolfe